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Village Homes Still Have Shanty Elements

We live very comfortably, there is no doubt of that.  Our country does have a superb safety record with buldings and industry in general.  We invented health and safety and our unions are excellent in ensuring companies incorporate the safest methods for their members to work within.  When I visit my very best friend who lives abroad, in a very sunny Mediterranean isle, I really appreciate just how safety focused our building indusry has become.  I see their home grown builders working on village projects – it leaves a huge amount to be desired too.  Although the island ha been a member of the EC in it’s own right for nearly two decades, they are quick to take the monetary hand outs but very slow at implementing the rulings.  House building is a bit better now with influences from foreign money but if they can cut corners, they certainly do.  The plumbing is still awful so you can’t flush away toilet paper – even in this day and age.  The more affluent islanders have homes in the UK and can’t fail to see how ropey the island builds are.  Design comes slowly there!