IGF Interiors

Updating My Faded Charms Easily Done

I have the unfortunate reputation for being slightly clumsy.  I admit that I do have a tendency to trip over matchsticks or fall wobble sideways when my legs and brain are too tired to keep me on the pavement.  These are co-ordination issues that are easily sorted with a sit down and decent cup of tea.  Things that are not so easily fixed however are the domestic ones where you suddenly realise that the lounge furniture is drab and dated and you don’t have the funds or wherewithall to get it all replaced.  Designing the interior of a house is not always the easiest thing to look at.  You end up with masses of confusing ideas and usually, like me, decide to shelve it and have another look next year!  This year however it’s different and I have taken the bull by the horns.   I engaged the services of a wonderful young team of designers who came and suggested two schemes to breathe life into my existing household effects by way of a fresh coat of paint and some very different but co-ordinating accessories.  It looks so different was worth every penny of their fee.