IGF Interiors

Updating Interior Design On Small Scale

Making your first home purchase really yours takes a bit of work and practice.  The first few years are spent just trying to ensure the mortgage is paid and all the legals too.  There usually isn’t a lot of funding left for trendy things like interior design concepts.   However, it is possible to take a good look at each room in turn.  Starting in the doorway, take a long careful look from the farthest left hand corner, right round to the farthest right hand.  By really looking at all the features, the furniture and soft furnishings, it is possible to get an idea of how to improve the current model without spending too much.  Charity shops often have larger furniture departments and you would be astounded at how you can get hold of decent pieces to replace the old stuff you were given when you moved in.   Or if the thought of more second hand doesn’t cut it for you, how about visiting the massive scandinavian outlets updating  your existing scheme by changing the colours of all the soft furnishings and window dressings.  Amazing how effective this simple idea can be.