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Sixties Trendy Decorating Themes Keep Returning

With the sad death recently of a most favourite actress, I have taken the opportunity to step up watching two series of a tv show she came to prominence in during the ’60s.  Looking at the fashions is exciting – we were very much in the top end of the swinging sixties for that show and the actress was dressed in ludicrously trendy ‘gear’.  The properties featured in this spoof spy/good cop caper also reflect the fashion of the time.  Kitchens have the ‘latest’ gadgets which are just slipped into the action – streamlined kitchen design with very modern furniure is to show that the main characters are at the top of their game, they can afford a fantastic London pad and by golly they’ve got the cash to dress it up.  Actually the staged sets are desperately flimsy and the continuity editor doesn’t seem to have had time to check that the flapping doors that don’t shut and the door bell rings instread of a door knocker going when the eligible male strolls in.