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Recliner Bonanza Brings Vibrant Decor Update

We do tend to stick to a particular theme in our family.  My sister loves the soft romantic mauves, pinks and pale colours of heathers and light dawn shades.  This had been their scheme for many years and then suddenly all change.  They went over to pale ivory silk walls and a quite bold green leather for their settees and chairs.  This was in fact because an interior designer friend had suggested she needed more colour and the speciality company supplying the reclining suite items had a fantastic sale offer on the green!  It has made a tremendous difference to them as a couple – such vibrancy has really enhanced their mood and with the light that floods in, bouncing off the nice sunny walls, it looks most inviting and a joy to congregate in their.   They have updated the artwork on the walls and of course the soft furnishings to suit.  An incredible transformation.