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Rearranging Home Interiors Livens Up Curfew

Sometimes when we’re facing some very dark days, such as the pandemic affecting every country in the world for example, it can be very easy to get carried away in a mist of doom and gloom.  The newspapers and tv reports are whipping up a fear of movement and generally causing mayhem.  It’s in difficult ties like this that we need to brighten up our lives.  If we have self isolation imposed on us in a big way, we can perhaps start the cheering up process by redesigning the layout of our furniture and furnishings – our interior design can e altered by a simple move about of the big stuff – maybe moving cabinets into a different position and whilst delivery from online suppliers is still viable, maybe there’s an opportunity to get new acessories and a change of colour palette.  Changing curtains, window blinds and soft furnishing designs and colours for our interiors never fails to bring a real sense of achievement.  As they say, a change is as good as a rest!