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Quirky Design Features Off Target

We all have our favourite way of display little bits and pieces around the home.  I don’t like lots of ornaments, ceramic teddies or plaques of any sort.  Nothing twee for me.  I do however have a very nice collection of miniature jugs which have come from all over Great Britain and around the world.  Once friends know you collect something, they kindly go  lookng for something to add to it!  These cute little creamers are kept in a dedicated display cabinet and are quite a source of intrigue for visitors.  On the other hand, when I was doing a ‘cheering up the sick’ visit to a chum, I was slightly horrified by the sheer number of teddy bears she had lurking all around her cottage.  She felt very much at home with her particular interior design quirkiness, but it made me feel very uncomforable.   One woman’s passion is another’s poison maybe?