Quirky Design Features Off Target

We all have our favourite way of display little bits and pieces around the home.  I don’t like lots of ornaments, ceramic teddies or plaques of any sort.  Nothing twee for me.  I do however have a very nice collection of miniature jugs which have come from all over Great Britain and around the world.  Once friends know you collect something, they kindly go  lookng for something to add to it!  These cute little creamers are kept in a dedicated display cabinet and are quite a source of intrigue for visitors.  On the other hand, when I was doing a ‘cheering up the sick’ visit to a chum, I was slightly horrified by the sheer number of teddy bears she had lurking all around her cottage.  She felt very much at home with her particular interior design quirkiness, but it made me feel very uncomforable.   One woman’s passion is another’s poison maybe?

Hot Humidity Needs Different Painting Teqniques

I have been visiting an ex colleague in her rather lovely villa in the med.   She and her hubbie built the place themselves – from planning, designing and organising all the materials.  They decorated it a particular way and my chum has never wavered from this . . . .   It is a lovely place, but it’s been standing for some 20 odd years and of course, like everyone’s home, it is looking its age.   I would love to get in there with a whole fresh new colour palette – take out the jaded greens and zip through with sunny shades.   Over there the walls are treated differently to compensate for humidity, so base coats on very dry surface is essential.  Then at least two coats of the top colour.  If the surface was adquately dried and aired before the base coat then using kitchen and bathroom emulsion paint can be very successful – so long as humidity is not trapped between the coats.

Well Groomed Hands Wreck Silk Finished Bannister

I have a problem in my house currently – most of the ‘gloss’ work down the staircase and along the bannisters has worn away.  I am peeved about this because only 3 years ago I paid for a decorator to do my entire house out from top to bottom.  Every skirting board, cornice, ceiling, chimney breast etc. were painted.  Instead of selecting gloss as we used to know it, this chap recommnded we put another product on – silk finish.  It has never dried in the same way and almost immediately I noticed flecks of mud and harvest chaff getting stuck to it as soon as the door was opened.  My bannister heads are in a proper state – yet they were still very well covered in the original gloss finish before matey started.  I don’t ever do decorating if a chap is around to do it for me but I may have to amend that policy shortly – the combination of body lotionand hand cream on my hands has been the cause of the bannisters peeling like there’s no tomorrow!

Improve & Sell On Or Improve & Stay Put

I was watching a lifestyle tv show the other week – involving two brothers helping US & Canadanian families to bring their homes up to a certain value, so they can sell and move on up to their dream home – usually double the price of the old one.  This programme is fascinating in that it highlights the massive difference between the build quality of our homes – ours have as standard a bricks and mortar outer wall over breeze blocks and all  situated on sturdy concrete and brick foundation level.  We have proper damp proofing courses and we really sturdy wind proof roof trusses and eaves inside.  Properly fixed tiles help protect against most weather conditions.   The remodelling of the houses is alarmingly cavalier but effective. The family pays aout $30K, but get the sales figure.   I wonder why they don’t just stay in the fabulously remodelled house which is always an absolute dream in the end!

A Friendly Decor Is Essential For Calmness

I do love looking around other folks’s homes.  I am a very nosey person and there is nothing more interesting than either sitting at a cafe table or out on a verandah taking in the iews and being able to see what people are up to and what they have around them.  It is a fact that I am very interested in other people’s lives too – maybe too much, but on the whole, I can be relied upon to always be there to help out when something happens, or when someone else is having a fund raising event or similar.   You can only fit into a team and achieve things if you are interested in the people and their lives.  The same is with design and decor in houses.  It is difficult for me to relax and feel at home anywhere when I don’t like the decor or furnishings.  I get a restless feeling and I start fidgeting. I particularly like looking at soft furnishing, cushions and bedding. I found some spectacular bedding sets uk when I visited one neighbour who had a rather lovely taste in designs.

The Art Of Compromise For Happy Homesteads

I have a young relative who has struck lucky in their choice of partner – in fact they have both made a very good choice because they really do understand each other well and know and respect each other massively.   This is such an important matter when couples live in each other’s pockets in that they live together and work in the same office.  That sort of thing needs ground rules, no bossing or gossip between partners and great respect for other members in the office who are not in this cosy set up.  The home life of course is all about compromise – when they are choosing new furnishings and decor, there is always a small amount of give and much take from the other side.  But on the whole, the pair do manage to agree on themes, colourways and most important, what furniture should be placed where in the house.   Compromise.  That Magic word!

Co-Ordinated Curtains & Linens Bring Streamlined Look

There is something quintessentially English about taking afternoon tea in a delightfully old fashioned tea shop.  Oak tables and mismatched chairs, brightly coloured bunting that matches the table linen and cushions.  The whole look is of course manufactured to give us that comfortable feeling of how things must have been in the good old days and therefore, it’s good enough for us now.  We can bring this feeling of comfort and sustainability to our own homes by taking one room at a time, and changing the colour scheme to include sharper lines and maybe picking out an unusual ornament or lamp.  This can be most effective if funds don’t run to changing the main furniture.  A change of curtains, with the main colour picked out in cushions or table linens really do bring a touch of order and well being to a room, making it all the more inviting for those guests you hope to attract.

Cancelled Heritage Loss Was My Gain

After I’d been living in my house for 12 years, I decided to take up the offer of a professional decorator to pop up to stay with me for exactly 2 of his 6 weeks UK break.  He was scheduled to join his brother in Essex to do a rushed decorating and refurb in two heritage properties in London.  As often happens, the works had been reprogrammed had bought his air tickets.  I jokingly suggested he came and helped me rather than sit twiddling his thumbs.  He did indeed come and stay in my spare room.  Arriving at exactly 2pm straight off the plane, he had a quick cuppa then a tour of the house and having outlined what could be achieved in the time available, off we went for paint and other supplies.   This was a fantastic idea – his work was so wonderful and I feel proud to have had the services of a true craftsman.

Painting Your Home to Decorate!

Painting the whole inside of a house can change it from everyday to motivating! It can likewise raise property estimation and help a home offer all the more rapidly. Painting requires genuine arranging, however the completing outcome is justified, despite all the trouble!

Build up a dream. As you visit the house, record your contemplations on shading, keeping daylight, windows, sparkle and trim as a primary concern.

Go to an assention. There are presumably others in your life who have a personal stake in your home. Get their accord.

Make an extremely taught figure. Gauge the zone you’ll have to cover. Measure the stature and width of each divider. In the U.S., scope gauges are given in square feet, wherever else on the planet utilizes the metric framework. To discover the territory of a given divider, essentially increase the tallness by the width.

Expenses will fluctuate significantly, contingent upon cost and quality. Picking mid to upper-review paint, hope to pay in the territory of $350.00 in paint alone for a 2000 sq. ft. house. Add another $100 to $200 in brushes, rollers, dish, tape, and different materials. Remember nourishment, on the off chance that you intend to sustain your workforce. With regards to materials, not all paints are equivalent. Some genuinely cover with one coat, some say they do however don’t.

Recycling Items For Home Decor Ideas

Home beautifying doesn’t need to be costly. You likely have numerous standard things that can discover new life as adornments. So before you give or dump anything, take a gander at it with an innovative eye. There may very well be a way it can turn out to be a piece of your flawlessly special home.

Make a lit garland with old yogurt containers. A charming laurel can be made with 10 yogurt glasses. You’ll likewise require gold acrylic paint, little paint brushes, a series of Christmas lights with 50 lights, thick lace, tulle netting, and a X-acto cut. You can get these provisions at an art store.

Make a gems holder with a wine bottle. On the off chance that you have an old wine bottle laying around, don’t discard it. You can make an adornments compartment from the jug. This can be a pleasant present for yourself, or for a companion who wears adornments. You’ll require acrylic paint in your picked shading, gorilla stick, and an old serving of mixed greens plate.