IGF Interiors

One Man’s Paisley, Another Man’s Poison

When we discuss design, it’s rather like asking a group of people ‘what’s your favourite meal’ . . .  it’s so open ended and has no right or wrong answers.   Design of a house obviously depends rather on the land available and the amount of money the owner and builder have to produce it.  Design of an interior, well that’s entirely a new kettle of fish.  I often look over the online presentaitons of houses for sale near me.   Some of the design and decor leaves me almost staggering with disbelief – mostly ghastly to my taste of course.    A few years ago one of the local houses went on the market with a great blaze of publicity.  They’re a loud family anyway and their presence in the road since moving in has not gone unnoticed.  To say their decor and style matched this over exhuberance is the greatest understaement ever!  Black and grey, black grey & silver, black, grey, silver and red throughout the entire house with bold paisley patterns.