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Miracle Of The Interior Decorating Craftsman

A few years ago, I was lucky enough to have the services of a professional decorator to paint through my house.  He was coming over to work on a regular heritage commission but this had been postponed at last minute so he was at a costly loose end for exactly 2 weeks.  When my chum told me this, I laughingly said ‘oh send him over here, my place needs a makeover’.  Well, she did just that – one skype walkaround showing him my house and suddenly he was here to do the work!  To watch a true professional at work was such an eye opener.  The  meticulous attention to detail, organised route round the jobs and so tidy at the end of each working day.  To save us both time and money, he stayed over in my guest room and it worked out very well.    Not everyone can be this lucky – getting an interior decorator at any time can be challenging but to get a real craftsman, staying on the spot is a miracle I’ve appreciated every single day since.