IGF Interiors

Making House Bigger With Good Design Work

I was round at a neighbour’s house the other week – my first viewing of theirs since they finished decorating.  In fact it’s been a very long project over the last 2 years.  The whole of the back of the downstairs has been knocked down and rebuilt to make one massive kitchen, dining, sitting room with lare patio doors out to the garden and utility room along the side wall.  It is a fabulous and very modern design concept which their builder came up with.  The  finished product is so much more spacious and easy to live with than their own ideas, they are thrilled to bits with the transformation.  To finish off all that expense and effort, they have also decorated the original sitting room.  Each side wall have been made to look lie a spacious alcove – it’s unbelievably just wallpaper.  It is designed and painted in such a clever way that incorporated open panels, it looks so much bigger than how it did beforehand.  I’ve never seen wallpaper like it.