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Latest Design Ideas Need Safety With Them

Keeping the house warm and safe is one of the main responsibilities of a house dweller, be they a tenant or owner.  It’s all very fine having the latest design of sofa or dining suite or a wonderful outlook over a fancy garden if somewhere else in the house, there’s a misuse of something else that causes a threat to other occupants.  Take electricity safety for example.  It is very tempting to try plugging in lots of different gadgets into one power socket – I’ve seen it lots of times where the tv, video player, phone chargers, gaming consoles etc. are all being run at the same time from one electrical socket via an extension lead.  Lots of youngsters do this in their bedrooms too and in one tragic incident in the west midlands last  year, there was a case of a seriously overloaded light socket.  Yes, you read correctly, the young father wanted to impress his wife’s ‘school gate’ pals and not having enough wall sockets, he adapted the cable down from the ceiling and used that to power a plug in fire.  Obviously it was dangerous – it overloaded, wasn’t fused and so the whole lot caught fire with devastating results.  This was all so that the family could boast they’d got this latest gadget and that.   I see some horrors in the home refurbishment programme on tv – the one where folk buy seriously run down dumps at auction and try to turn them into rentable spaces without actually doing a lot to them.  It is eye opening how dense some of these ‘property developers’ are!