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Keeping Up With The Regency Jones’s

Some of the loveliest days out for me have been to heritage and historic houses.  Those lofty interiors with furniture of the day, the silk wall coverings and bed hangings.  I like the hought that so many families have passed through those corridors and slept in those rooms.  I wallow in the age of the kitchens, overlooking completely the lack of workspace, or hygiene for that matter.   It’s only after you take in several such buildings, of any age, they do become much of a muchness with perhaps the same regency wall paper, Chippendale furiture, massive velvet window drapes and hand made carpets, that you realise that’s exactly how we live in this day and age.  All the lovely new housing developments springing up about us will h ave the same sized kitchens with the same design of cabinets, give or take the odd colour choice.  But we can  engage the services of design and interior experts and have the chane to strike a note of individualism !