IGF Interiors

Interior Design For Enhancing The Space Available

There is one aspect of moving house that I used to love when we were children – being able to pick the colour of our bedroom decor.  We moved often because of father’s occupation and as a famly we just grew up being very organised whenever the next move was mooted.  Sharing a room with a sibling dented any great ambitions for outlandish personal fancies,  jazzy walls or curtains.  We were polar opposites and so much scrapping and arguing ensued before our parents entered the fray and played the common sense card!  We were always allowed to choose the colour of the walls – within a fairly slender range of colours.  Today it’s rare for teens to share a room so they probably dont have the same constraints.   Parents though have the difficult task of navigating the demands for ensuites and double sized storage, extra space for huge tvs and gaming areas.   It’s all down to good interior design and literally reshaping and building on what’s there.  How to make a room version of a silk purse out of sow’s ear in fact!