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How Designs For Easier Living Have Progressed

It’s amazing tot hink back to the days of the 1920s and ’30s – the housing was beginning to improve slightly for the average family.  The shock of the first world war caused ripples through the nation and cheaper well built houses began to replace the dire tenament blocks and back to back housing with their lack of space, privacy and sanitation.  The gradually more affluent of society could now afford to have a semi detached house with three spacious bedrooms, a sculler kitchen and a lounge plus ‘drawing room’.  Bathooms were still not automatically added, but an outisde toilet was brick built out the back in the yard.     My own grandparents were a little more affluent in 1933 and managed to buy themselves a three beroomed semi which did include the luxury of the bathroom.  I don’t recall a lot about that room apart from it was always freeezing cold.  The sculler however does still tingle my memory cells.  Equally tiny, dark and grim – no fitted cupboards or luxuriously easy to clean sink!