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Hot Humidity Needs Different Painting Teqniques

I have been visiting an ex colleague in her rather lovely villa in the med.   She and her hubbie built the place themselves – from planning, designing and organising all the materials.  They decorated it a particular way and my chum has never wavered from this . . . .   It is a lovely place, but it’s been standing for some 20 odd years and of course, like everyone’s home, it is looking its age.   I would love to get in there with a whole fresh new colour palette – take out the jaded greens and zip through with sunny shades.   Over there the walls are treated differently to compensate for humidity, so base coats on very dry surface is essential.  Then at least two coats of the top colour.  If the surface was adquately dried and aired before the base coat then using kitchen and bathroom emulsion paint can be very successful – so long as humidity is not trapped between the coats.