IGF Interiors

Heritage Interior Design Safeguarded & Treasured

I’ve been to some rather nice old houses under the historic houses membership scheme.  The beauty of this heritage site is that the homes/properties must still be living homes.  Unlike the major trust which is quite the opposite – one’s property can only be accepted onto their list if it is unlived in and likely to become seriously unloved.  Many of the trust’s places are not all pretty, but all need to have something seriously interesting that the nation needs to safeguard.   They hang on to the best example of some back to back terraced houses for example.  Nothing even vaguely romantic or beautiful there but the design and interiors are critical to our understanding of how the very poorest members of society had to live.   They also own a 1905 house in the East Midlands which has remained little changed from the day it was built – from when a particular family member bought it back.  No one embelished it from 1932 onwards.  So again, the design and interiors have been truly influential in the  way we view the Edwardian family house.