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Helpful Hints To Organise Nursery Perfection

There’s nothing lovelier for the young newly house owning couple, than to be needing to utilise a bedroom for nursery purposes – this is such a special and exciting time.    Apart from the colour scheme, thoughts should be put to the sort of furnishings and linens.  As many modern families realise, buying lots of everything up front can be a bit of a waste – so many gifts come from the now essential baby shower.  They won’t be matching the chosen colour scheme anyway so for the first few months, just concentrating on being warm, clean and ultra safe will be the order of the day.  Curtains that can be easily washed will soften the rather hard look of a roller blind – shutters and venetions are all very good but you can’t clean and dust them as quickly and easily and you cannot attach blackout backings as you can with curtains & rollers.   The right choice of chests are important too – one that can accommodate a full baby changing mat on top, is excellent.  Not every helper will welcome kneeling on the floor to change nappy no. 12 of the day.