IGF Interiors

Divide Room Or Leave Impressively Spacious

I like to think of sunny days for decorating and reorganizing my main rooms.  Obviously there are limitations as to where one puts that overly large 4 seater settee and matching oversized armchair . . .   you need one very long wall, preferably unemcumbered by radiators or windows.   As I have a feature fireplace along the only other long wall, then I have to place these exactly where they are now.  My neighbour however two shorter sofas, giving her the same amount of seating but she can place one across the width of the room, causing a sort of divider effect and the other sofa takes up only half the long wall space.  We have discussed the merits of each design and actually agree that although very fixed, my scenario is preferable as it doesn’t break up the room – if I want to show off a long, 22ft total from bay window to patio doors the other end, I just open the interlinking glazed double doors between the two rooms.  It does look and feel impressively spacious.