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Dated Decor Makes Houses Unappealing

One of the more rewarding aspects of spending an afternoon looking through property and lifestyle magazines is finding out what the latest colour trends are going to be for the next year or so.  For a few years we wer blighted with the most ghastly phase of grey, grey & black, grey, red & black, oh and with large chunks of chrome for good measure.   Pictures of houses with this style of decor were generally ridiculed by ‘those in the know’ but somehow it didn’t stop them from promoting the same whenever houses needed dressing for an article or editorial.  There’s a large house up the road from mine.  They are still in the grey & chrome time wharp.  Every year the famuly put this house on the market – we see it advertised online and in the agent window but no for sale sign ever outside.   After a few fruitless months, they take it off again.  The decor hasn’t been changed or 4 years and it looks dated.  Let’s  hope the agent persuades them to make changes before next year’s effort!