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Bringing Alive A Small Home To Create Space

I have been getting into watching a particular north american property programme – over here it’s just called buying and selling but over there it refers to the two host as they are twin brothers.   Like so many of their very successful series, this one does rely very heavily on a standard formula and it never varies.  The hapless families needing the home refurbishment or ‘reno’ are different every show, but the ideas are exactly the same and you can set your watch on various segments of the hour long show.  However, it does show us some really good ideas for updating houses and making a worn and tired out family home come alive with just a few changes – ripping out the old fashioned cooker and replacing with a shiny range with classy looking splash back behind that and the sink – if there’s room, putting a well designed island unit in the kitchen and replacing the counter tops and cabinet doors and drawers seems to do the trick.  It makes me feel uncomfortable now watching the funny little property shows we have over here.  Guess it reflects the funny little properties we live in!